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Aside from coffee, reading was her only indulgence.
Nicholas Sparks

Welcome to Pouring Over Books!

When was the last time you sat down with a good book with a good cup of coffee… uninterrupted?

If you’re not quite sure then Pouring Over Books is for you.

Pouring over books was born out of a love of “me time” and the wish that everyone have something just for themselves. 

This is where you take back that coveted time where your coffee is still hot and your book is too good to put down.  

Pouring Over Books Box brings together two things we love, great coffee and great books.

Each box features an old favorite or a new book published within the last 90 days that fits the theme of the box.

And coffee made with love and rich notes.

Your box also comes with fun accessories that complement your book and coffee.

It’s the perfect thing JUST FOR YOU!

How It Works


Chose a every other month, every 4 months or yearly plan and wait for your box to arrive!

Your Box Arrives

Boxes will always ship between the 1st-7th of each month.

Read, Sip, And Enjoy

Share your box with us when it arrives!

Billed As a One Time Purchase

$ 54
individual purchase

Billed Every Other

$ 49
subscription every other month

Billed Once for 3 Boxes

$ 129
get all 4 boxes for the year!

July Theme

The July Pouring Over Books Box theme is : Summertime`

Summer is the perfect time for reading a great book, by the pool, the beach, in the hammock…wherever! 

So what is in the Pouring Over Books Box this month?

  • The Book: Our Book this month  is the perfect summer read!  This rom com is the perfect follow up to this author’s last summer read. Our book follows  the story of two best friends who are the only ones that don’t know that they are in love.It’s a complete history of a friendship, told across the vacations they shared. 
  • The Coffee. The coffee aims to highlight all the best parts of a cup of coffee – a smooth, sweet, and juicy mix to start off your day.  
  • Coffee and Book Goodies!*   The goodies for this box will definitely help you enjoy your book and coffee in the sun!

*The majority of the items included in the Pouring over Books box are sourced from small businesses.*

Sound like something you want? Treat yourself and subscribe to your Pouring Over Books Box now! 

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